Saturday, 27 October 2012

Las Vegas Baby, Halloween and Updates

27th October 2012

After editing 'Progeny' for Nate, I confess I have given myself a few weeks to unwind. In my free time I have been indulging in my new Virgin TiVo service watching seasonal ghostie stories and watching a good splash of crime to boot - oh I love my new tivo! After my blitz of 'couch potatoing', I put fingers to keys and started a short for an upcoming anthology.

I completed the short story yesterday, named Marionette. I have sent it off and the editor seems to like it (well she said she loved it!) so fingers crossed I get the confirmation that I am in! Ta da! She has to send Marionette off to her colleague for final approval, so I await in earnest! I would be mighty proud if I get the thumbs up! Watch this space for updates and final confirmations!

Half term descends and Halloween is on the horizon. I have Ed dressed up as a clown, and his friend Jamie will be a Mummy and I will take them down the streets of Gosport giving folks a good scare - I will be wearing my John Wayne Gacy mask!

Meanwhile, John Gledson (hubby and fellow blogger and writer) goes to Las Vegas on Tuesday. He is compiling a travel book regarding sausages. Yes, you read that right. He has travelled all over the UK and Europe on his quest for the perfect banger. As a result he was invited by the World Food Championships to judge! He will be judging the Chilli section - this will be hilarious as he does not have a high tolerance - and judging the burgers they have on offer also. Lucky dude! He has his access all areas pass so I guess he will be amongst the highest level of culinary clientele; one being Mr Adam Richman, Man Vs Food presenter on the Travel channel who is a fellow judge.

Beth my daughter is in London for the week, so it will be a quiet half term without daughter and hubby, but I am going to be busy as this is a perfect time to continue with my supernatural/physiological horror novel and to get back to editing for Rainstorm Press.

I now have my new Dark Fiction editing page up and running.Visit at  Check it out if you need my services :D

Wishing you all a ghoulish Halloween!

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  1. I am indeed, going to Vegas, but I am also going to miss half term and the fun that comes from that break. I hope that when my first few chapters are available to send out that my missus has the time to edit my nonsense.