Saturday, 6 October 2012

Summer now over - updates and new projects on the horizon!

This year so far as been somewhat turbulent in one way or another - families, jobs etc, but at last I can see things finally settling down - fingers crossed.

I have edited and put together a compilation of stories regarding Phobia. 16 amazing authors have submitted their stories to Black Hound Digital Press (ME!) and I release 'PHOBIA' this weekend - going live Sunday.

I really appreciate all the authors input and patience as they have been waiting a while for this to be released!

Back in May Black Hound Digital Press released Tiny Terrors by Robert Eccles, 72 amazing horror based flash fiction. Editing this was a joy. This is a gem of a book if you are looking for bizarre, quirky dark fiction.

 Also I have been editing manuscripts for Rainstorm press ( and as a result have independently become a freelance editor. Most recently I edited Nate D..Burleigh's 'Sustenance', which is doing well on the Amazon chart.
My new website as a freelance Dark Fiction editor - www.darkfictioneditor.comC
Currently I am about to edit Nate's second novel Progeny: Book 1 Origins.  

John my partner in crime goes off to Las Vegas at the end of the month to be a judge at the World Food Championships. I am very proud of his involvement ( he is writing a book about his quest for the perfect sausage) and he will be meeting some big names in the culinary and media business such as Adam Richman for Man Vs Food! 

I was asked by Lindsey Goddard to write a story for a new anthology she is compiling.  It was an hounor to be asked, better put my thinking cap on and come up with a story about tortured love! Right up my street!

Watch this space for more info!

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