Tuesday, 30 July 2013

So proud to be in this table of contents - up with some renowned authors!

Can't wait for this! So proud!

Release date very, very soon, watch this space.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A first. I opened up my heart!

The harsh reality of having no income hits you like a punch in the gut. This is a cliché, I know, and rather understated, but the severity of this pending financial ruin and despondency runs deep within my veins, as well as my husband's.

BUT, I have so much belief that John will get his business off the ground, as there hasn't been a day or a waking hour when he hasn't given up or stopped reeling in customers (which he has a number of now!) promoting and the endless fight with the hierarchy of suppliers and banks that overrule or try to dismiss small and up and coming businesses.  

It would be so easy to lie down and die and blame everyone else - plead bankruptcy or sign on. Talking of which, this makes me so BLOODY mad, that a man who has worked his bollocks off daily for 25 yrs, finds himself in a position when the first bill is not paid, the internet/TV is switched off and our phones suspended. Oh, how easy welfare Britain have it. Never worked a day yet still have regular money and sky TV and enough dope to make you brain-dead. I don't want to sound a bitter and twisted cow, but, yes, I do feel this is so unfair...

When I lie awake at night, worrying about the next bounced direct debit and nasty tax letter looming, I think of the fun we still have and the laughter, in spite of the financial mess we are in and focus on the positives that John has incurred. He has had SO much support from his colleagues and they, like me, believe in him 100%.  The sad thing also, is that they too are in similar positions, as they lost their contracts at the same time. They have stood by John and worked with his tirelessly, and as I type this blog, they are with John in Birmingham doing a demo so they can provide satellite video footage for the 10K road race in London at the weekend.

He has costumers, big names, e.g. Pinewood studios, who want his services and his solutions and WANT TO PAY HIM! But it takes time and careful configurations and liaising with the suppliers and broadband space that is available. So I am very proud of his tenacity even though no money is evident as of yet, he has got this far with some big names that believe in him and want his skills. I just wish there was more time and more collateral to make it happen faster!

On a lighter note, after trying to sell the boys’ cub90s and other bits and bobs, my editing work seems to be flowing, just when I needed it to. There must be an angel playing with my heart, yeaaah! Love Annie Lennox!

Anyway, this was my latest review:

"I have worked with numerous editors in the past but none have impressed me as much as Charlotte. If you want someone with an eagle eye to look over your work, look no further - she provides in- depth and precise editing and excellent suggestions to make the story flow better. This is a fast and professional service. I whole heartedly recommend Charlotte for all of your editing needs. I intend to use her for all of my future novels! Thanks for doing such a great job :-)"

Julie Knowles - author

Good has come out from bad today, so every day is a step forward a step brighter, as long as you never lose the faith. ALWAYS BELEIVE.


Friday, 28 June 2013

Cover art for new publication that I am featured in.

Cover art for Quixotic: Not Everyday Love Stories that includes my story "Marionette".

Fantastic art work by Lydia Bargielski, plus stories have their own illustration.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Back in the saddle with a new publication and a new website

Good to be back blogging, can’t believe it’s been eight months since my last entry! Shame on me!

I have been busy, what with editing for Rainstorm Press and for my private clients, plus the usual antics of a manic housewife with 4 kids and co-director to my hubby’s satellite coms company!

I have also updated my editing website to http://www.gledsoneditingservices.com as I have branched out by not committing purely to dark fiction editing but all genres and non-fiction!
Do check out my page if you need a reliable and competent fiction editor.

Also good news on the writing front, my story MARIONETTE is appearing in Quixotic: Not Everyday Love Stories anthology edited by J. Travis Grundon and Lindsey Beth Goddard, the renowned editors of the Forrest J. Ackerman’s Living Dead Anthology.

Here is the table of contents. Book cover to follow and publishing release date!

Star Crossed – Jennifer L. Miller
Marionette – Charlotte Gledson
Nature of the Beast – Benjamin Martinson
Sunday - A. J. Brown
Sirena – Michael Critzer
A Game of Frisbee – Jean Michelle DeSanto
Fulfilling a Fantasy – Amanda L. Crandall
Legacy – Leslee Marie Lewandoski
Mercy – J. Travis Grundon
One Box and Two Suitcases – B.C. Brown
Dying to be with you – Lindsey Beth Goddard
Vermin Free – Justin Brock-Jones
Hell's a Cabin- Joe Moe

Details on the official release date will be released soon. We should be ready to go to print in July.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Las Vegas Baby, Halloween and Updates

27th October 2012

After editing 'Progeny' for Nate, I confess I have given myself a few weeks to unwind. In my free time I have been indulging in my new Virgin TiVo service watching seasonal ghostie stories and watching a good splash of crime to boot - oh I love my new tivo! After my blitz of 'couch potatoing', I put fingers to keys and started a short for an upcoming anthology.

I completed the short story yesterday, named Marionette. I have sent it off and the editor seems to like it (well she said she loved it!) so fingers crossed I get the confirmation that I am in! Ta da! She has to send Marionette off to her colleague for final approval, so I await in earnest! I would be mighty proud if I get the thumbs up! Watch this space for updates and final confirmations!

Half term descends and Halloween is on the horizon. I have Ed dressed up as a clown, and his friend Jamie will be a Mummy and I will take them down the streets of Gosport giving folks a good scare - I will be wearing my John Wayne Gacy mask!

Meanwhile, John Gledson (hubby and fellow blogger and writer) goes to Las Vegas on Tuesday. He is compiling a travel book regarding sausages. Yes, you read that right. He has travelled all over the UK and Europe on his quest for the perfect banger. As a result he was invited by the World Food Championships to judge! He will be judging the Chilli section - this will be hilarious as he does not have a high tolerance - and judging the burgers they have on offer also. Lucky dude! He has his access all areas pass so I guess he will be amongst the highest level of culinary clientele; one being Mr Adam Richman, Man Vs Food presenter on the Travel channel who is a fellow judge.

Beth my daughter is in London for the week, so it will be a quiet half term without daughter and hubby, but I am going to be busy as this is a perfect time to continue with my supernatural/physiological horror novel and to get back to editing for Rainstorm Press.

I now have my new Dark Fiction editing page up and running.Visit at www.darkfictionediting.co.uk  Check it out if you need my services :D

Wishing you all a ghoulish Halloween!

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Summer now over - updates and new projects on the horizon!

This year so far as been somewhat turbulent in one way or another - families, jobs etc, but at last I can see things finally settling down - fingers crossed.

I have edited and put together a compilation of stories regarding Phobia. 16 amazing authors have submitted their stories to Black Hound Digital Press (ME!) and I release 'PHOBIA' this weekend - going live Sunday.

I really appreciate all the authors input and patience as they have been waiting a while for this to be released!

Back in May Black Hound Digital Press released Tiny Terrors by Robert Eccles, 72 amazing horror based flash fiction. Editing this was a joy. This is a gem of a book if you are looking for bizarre, quirky dark fiction.

 Also I have been editing manuscripts for Rainstorm press ( www.rainstormpress.com) and as a result have independently become a freelance editor. Most recently I edited Nate D..Burleigh's 'Sustenance', which is doing well on the Amazon chart.
My new website as a freelance Dark Fiction editor - www.darkfictioneditor.comC
Currently I am about to edit Nate's second novel Progeny: Book 1 Origins.  

John my partner in crime goes off to Las Vegas at the end of the month to be a judge at the World Food Championships. I am very proud of his involvement ( he is writing a book about his quest for the perfect sausage) and he will be meeting some big names in the culinary and media business such as Adam Richman for Man Vs Food! 

I was asked by Lindsey Goddard to write a story for a new anthology she is compiling.  It was an hounor to be asked, better put my thinking cap on and come up with a story about tortured love! Right up my street!

Watch this space for more info!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Nailed Anthology - Edited by Lyle Perez -Tinics and Charlotte Emma Gledson

Received our first 5 star review from Amazon!

If you are unsure if you like this kind of book this is defiantly a good one to start with. It has some dark parts and there is a lot of women's revenge stories here. The erotic parts were not as detailed as I thought they would be and the language is not too bad. The stories are no doubt horror and suspense and they are a lot of fun to read. Each author in this book held my attention with their story and I am so glad to have had a chance to read this book. But be warned and follow the disclaimer at the front of this book because if you are squeamish this is not for you.

"Nailed! An Erotic Death Anthology" presented by Rainstorm Press are thirteen sexually charged and explicit tales where death, sex and violence blur into one explosive thrill. Lurid stories of revenge, obsession and lust, takes the reader on an enticing journey of anticipation and horror, daring to break the boundaries of normal sexual desires.

Give into your deepest desires, if you dare… Blurb by ME! ;)

Stories Include:

Another POV
By Matt Kurtz

Fucking Revenge
By Nelia Thompson

Suck Me Dry!
By Anna M. Lowther

It Grows on You
By Ramon Mendez Jr.

Over to our Weather Girl for a Live Feed
By Nathan Robinson

By Paul Edmonds

And more …

This book is for mature adults only.