Saturday, 21 May 2011

Black Hound relauched with new criteria and guidelines

Black Hound has been relaunched!

‘The power to publish now resides with the author’ - John Gledson, founder of Black Hound

Black Hound is a small press publishing outlet with a prime focus on the emerging market of electronic publishing or 'ePub'. We are currently accepting submissions for Horror, Fantasy and Science-Fiction novels.
We aim to promote new up and coming authors highlighting their skills and publishing directly through Amazon and other digital outlets. With the reduced overhead costs involved with electronic publishing, financial returns are maximised for both the author and for Black Hound. By using us you will have the added value of using an emerging brand as well as a high profile marketing approach with visibility to a large reader base.

For submission guidelines please follow the link to ‘Submissions’.

OPEN CALL for submissions for our new anthology ‘PHOBIA’

All stories must be based on common phobias, e.g., spiders, clowns and the number 13 etc. Rare and unusual phobias are accepted also, but must be a recognisable phobia.
Please follow the submission guidelines before submitting.

To be released April 2012